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Not a long time ago, I was hired by Vigics and AKQA. This marked our second collaboration with AKQA for NIKE brand, (check out our previous one here). This time, we were making boomerang videos for Instagram and other social media. Right after the fast editing, the videos were shared with the hashtag #Nikeprobra #Unstoppable.

We are really proud of our video booth! Shooting with Nike for the second time was an absolute honor.

Warning - the following is tech heavy:

Tech-wise, we used only 2 ARRI 2000 PLUS. Our key light went through two trace frames with full diffusion and flagged from the background. Fill light was also placed through diffusion. Besides the fill, it had two more functions; gradient background light; and with silver 4x4 reflector, the same light was giving us a perfect separation from the background.

The primary goal was to create two soft and subtle gradients. One on the background and another in the opposite direction for the face.

Camera used: Arri Amira with Canon Cine Primes- 35 mm and 50mm.

The overall effect: Clean, composed images to properly capture the subjects and show off the brand. In this case. A bra.

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