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Project for Shell was completed in July 2016 for their Make The Future weekend, celebrating new and innovative uses of technology and future fuels. It was a series of gifs, parallaxes, hyperlapses, timelapses and other outstanding social media content.

The job was really fun but challenging. The client wanted the content to be online a few hours after our production arrived at the location.

We had to work during the event and we didn't have any control over the visitors, or the location: documentary style.

Our team Sam Ainsworth (director) Pauline Gefin (cinematographer), Ashley Lewis (photographer), David Velt (editor), Dwight Groot (producer) on behalf of Vigics London.

This video is personally my favorite one, not only the client was extremely happy with it, but also it was the moment when the inspiration just kicked in and all the team were collaborating and brain storming. I remember Sam, Ashley and me were walking to the spot knowing we were about to get something fantastic out of it. I framed the car race with the longest lens, thinking that framing the turn was the best idea to convey the sense of the excitement. Meanwhile, Ashley took a separate picture of Sam's glasses. The whole process took a little time and several attempts, and once done, David did his editing magic and a star was born.

Sam Ainsworth did a montage of all the content. Check it out!

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