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Bingo! is a commercial for a mobile app called Nightset (previously Party Hype), written and produced by Jos Grootjans, directed by Justyna Bomba. It turned to be a fantastic work experience: great cast and crew, lot of fun and great catering. It all started when Jos came up with his treatment/ first draft. Justyna and I absolutely loved the concept and we started working on it with enthusiasm. We talked about shot list, we decided on the spit screens looking for references and drafting the story board. Raisa Nikolyk was our story board artist.

We decided to shoot in a studio. Once the location was confirmed, Henrijs Grabovskis came on board as a production designer. It was a pleasure working with him. Not only he did a fantastic job in terms of probs and design, but he also helped me to create three dimensional spaces for each scene.

My gaffer was Julie Shalekenova. We used double trace framing as a key and Jem ball 2KW 30" as a fill for the Martha's character whereas for Richard’s one Venetian blinds and 2k. Club scene was lit with the Jem ball, several lights with funky gels and two moving detolights on the background just outside the frame, for purple strike filter to give an effect. We shot on Sony F3 with external recorder and Ziess CP2 lenses.

Please enjoy the commercial:

Below is the list of people who were involved:


Martha: Laura June Hudson

Sita: Joyce Howard

Richard: Paul Foulds

CREW Director: Justyna Bomba

Writer/producer: Jos Grootjans

Cinematographer/editor: Pauline Gefin

Production designer: Henrijs Grabovskis

1st Assistant director: Sam Ainsworth

Sound recordist: Chris Lethbridge

Sound designer: Andrei Leskovski

Colourist: Gwyn Evans

Focus puller: Albert Josiah

2nd Assistant camera: Delphine Josiah

Gaffer: Julie Shalekenova

Best boy: Johan Eskew

Technician: Angel Genov

Script supervisor: Edmund Trevelyan-Johnson

Assistant art department: Emmet Simpson

THANKS TO: David Schwartz


OAK Motion Pictures

Gelissen Group

Copyright © Jos Grootjans, 2015

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