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September 29, 2018

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NANCY, working with DoP Zoë White

February 2, 2019

I met Zoë White on Cameraimage 2016. She asked if I would like to come on board for a feature called Nancy. I agreed... dah.. and in January 2017 came to NYC for 3 weeks of production. 
Rachel Batashvili was first AC. And I can not describe how amazing it was to work with Zoë and Rachel. Before that production, I did a lot of AC work, but on a very small scale, short films, low budget series, etc. That was definitely a level up.
Watching Zoë working with pretty tide schedule tough me a lot: creative and technical aspects of cinematography, communication with your crew, and just what kind of person / professional you should be. 
Rachel mentored me. I think she needs to open her school for camera assistants. She quickly realised that I am pretty green, but because of my hard work and dedication, I was forgiven for all the mistakes. Which actually weren't that many. Camera department was always up and ready. 

And did I tell you we have an amazing cast? Andrea RiseboroughSteve Buscemi.
Steve and I got a drink and had a small talk at the wrap party. I can reassure you, we are BBF now. And Andrea wrote me a small postcard after the shoot, which I still keep and reread on the sad and rainy Sunday in London.  

Cast: Andrea Riseborough, J. Smith-Cameron, Ann Dowd, John Leguizamo, Steve Buscemi

Director: Christina Choe

Producers: Amy Lo, Andrea Riseborough, Michelle Cameron,

Writer: Christina Choe

Genres: Drama, Thriller


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