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With 10 years of experience in the film industry, I have mastered storytelling skills, enabling me to create user-centered solutions that drive business success through genuine customer delight.

Hi, I am Pauline, a narrative-driven

UX/UI designer and former cinematographer.

Green Guru

Green Guru is a web app that connects users aspiring for a career in sustainability or seeking career advancement with mentors for expert advice and guidance.

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FlowFit is a web app that delivers personalized workouts and educational content based on the user's menstrual cycle phase, to users seeking to optimize fitness routines and attain a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle's effects on their bodies.


Data Visualisation

Web App

Data Visualisation

Web App

Data Visualisation


Pauline is one of those rare gems you once encountered in a blue moon. She's a natural UX designer with a flair for UI and a knack for problem-solving. She's not afraid to take on any challenge, big or small, and she always delivers with style and grace. She's also a sponge for feedback, soaking up every bit of advice and criticism with a smile and a thank you. She's always eager to learn and grow, and she never settles for anything less than excellence. Pauline has the skills, the passion, and the attitude that make her a star in the UX and UI design fields.

Vivekanand Polasapalli

Senior Interaction Designer at Ericsson

I have had the honor of tutoring and mentoring Pauline on the UI Design course. Pauline is extremely talented as a UI and UX designer. She has always had the motivation, discipline, and talent to always deliver excellence in every task.
She is good at listening, understanding, applying feedback, and coming up with new ideas, which always brings great results. She is definitely one of the best students I ever had. Excellent talent and work skills.

Miguel Barrero

Senior Art Director & UX/UI Designer

I have had the opportunity to work with Pauline on multiple projects. Pauline has exceptional skills in teamwork, collaboration, and creative problem-solving. She has demonstrated a remarkable ability to work seamlessly with diverse teams, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances overall productivity and synergy. She's also an extremely hard worker and talented, and she easily adapts to any team and any projects she's part of. I highly recommend her for any collaborations or roles.

Constança Rodrigues

Localisation Coordinator at NBCUniversal | Award Winning Film Director

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